A Summer Wonderland!

Fun fact:  I used to be a rollercoaster junkie, but alas, these days I can barely look at them without feeling queasy. So what better way to commemorate my sensitive stomach than to head to Wonderland for the day! I headed there first thing on a Wednesday morning in July, and that worked out well in terms of the crowds. I had a couple of hours to walk around before it got really busy. It was a somewhat cloudy day for the most part, but that meant it wasn’t too hot.


18mm f9 1/320 ISO 100

As Canada’s is celebrating its 150th this year, a number of areas in the park were kitted out to acknowledge that fact. I loved that they had decked out the opening garden with the maple leaf. This is probably the first photo stop for everyone at Wonderland as you get the fountains and the mountain in the background.


32mm f18 1/250 ISO 400

One of the things I wanted to do on this photo trip, was to look for shots that weren’t the usual ones for Wonderland. I took this low angle of the flowerbeds with the fountains in the background. I set the shutter a little fast as I wanted to freeze the water.


18mm f13 1/640 ISO 400

As I entered the park proper,  I followed my old route into the “medievally times” area. I don’t think I had ever paid attention to this fountain before. I hadn’t realised the detail that was there, including the “do not drink” sign with the queasy faces.


22mm f8 1/250 ISO 200

Just before you enter this area, there are dragon pieces attached to the wall.


90mm f8 1/250 ISO 200

When Wonderland used to be a regular stop for me, the first ride I always did was the Dragon Fyre. It’s a nice starter coaster, and you can get to it pretty quickly. I was thrilled to find the iron dragon still stands outside the entry to the ride. I wanted this close up angle so it looks like you are making eye contact with him.


32mm f4.2 1/640 ISO 200

I came across this fellow with the owl. I really liked the expression on his face. Unfortunately I missed the shot where the owl faced my direction as well:)


210mm f18 1/100 ISO 400

Continuing with the Canada Day celebrations, they had a brass band playing its heart out. There was a young lady as well to the left, but she was standing in front of some young kids and I wanted to keep the background somewhat clear, so she got cropped out.


38mm f22 1/100 ISO 400

These two fellows caught my eye as I wandered through the games section of the park. They were so pink and vibrant I had to take a picture.


32mm f8 1/250 ISO 200

The ride below is The Bat. It’s a relatively short coaster that pulls you up a slope and then drops you forward, then it does the same thing on the back half, but you drop backwards. This was the ride where I discovered that roller coasters were no longer my thing. I wanted to capture this ride with the car upside down so you got a sense of it.


18mm f10 1/500 ISO 400

This rainbow covered bridge was in a quieter section of the park. I liked the head on angle of this pic as you get a sense of the wavy bridge, and the rainbow frames it nicely.


18mm f9 1/250 ISO 400

Finally, off to the side of one of the rides I found this quiet water feature. It’s hard to imagine that just above and behind this area, coasters were screaming overhead. It was a nice reminder to keep your eyes open in all directions when walking around.


32mm f10 1/60 ISO 400

It was fun going back to Wonderland, and I’m not sure when I’ll be back again. As a parting word of advice, next time you’re out in the world, look around and see if you can find those out of the way secrets that many others may miss!

3 thoughts on “A Summer Wonderland!

  1. Amazing! The first one is very retro(Entrance). Like the old Science Center ad…

    I love your approach, i.e. to shoot things that people would normally miss.

    I think my favorite is the Iron dragon…

    Keep them coming!


  2. Love the rainbow covered bridge pic. You ‘framed’ the picture nicely: lots of colour…magical. The park/city could use
    this as part of their tourism advertisements!


  3. What a wonderful ‘version’ of Wonderland! I’m so happy you found so many dragons – surprise….the pink ones are my fave.
    I think the reminder to keep our eyes open for what could be easy to miss is really important and the photograph of the water is a beaut.


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