Blue Jays Baseball (Jays vs Yankees)

Yes baseball… that’s the one with the skinny stick and the ball. To be perfectly honest, that’s all I really know or care about the game. However, when considering blog post locations for this year, I’d decided that a ballgame would be perfect as I’d only been to one when I was in grade 5. Luckily, a group from work planned a night out that included a Jays game, so I immediately signed up.

I’ve include the group shot below for a couple of reasons. From a photography point of view, I wish I had moved everyone over to the right a bit so that everyone had the sculpture behind them. The reality is I get a little stressed taking pictures of people while they’re waiting, so I just hurried it through. I’d be tempted to gather the group together again to retake it, except for reason number two – the sculpture was moved behind the Art Gallery the following week! So we were some of the few people left to be photographed with it in this location 🙂


f 6.3 – 1/160 – 22mm – ISO 200

As we walked down towards the Skydome (it will never be the Rogers Centre to me), I kept looking for ways to frame the CN tower. As we passed under the OCAD building, the situation presented itself. I love how the OCAD building makes the CN Tower look much smaller from this angle.


f8 – 1/250 – 32mm – ISO 110

Turns out, a lot of people like baseball and I took this picture to get a sense of the steady flow of people heading towards the game. I tried to centre the bridge to get people coming in from both directions.


f8 – 1/250 – 18mm – ISO 140

I’d never been in the Skydome with the roof open before so it was great to get this shot. Our seats were near the top, which helped getting this wide shot of the roof and display screens.


f6.3 – 1/160 – 18mm – ISO 200

Once we were inside the stadium, we had about 15 minutes until it started to rain. They began to shut the roof which seemed to take about 30 minutes. I was amazed how quiet the process it. I got the shot below as the layers separated from each other. I liked how the pattern came together.


f5.6 – 1/125 – 62mm – ISO 280

The rest of the shots in the post were tricky in that we were far from the field and I had my lens extended as far as it could reach. The seats were quite snug, so getting a good hold on the camera to stabilise it was also difficult. As a result, the shots are not as sharp as I would like, but I figured I could talk about what I was trying to get. The shots themselves are cropped in a fair bit focus on the humans.

The next two shots involved the opening throw of the game. After the toss, my attention was caught by the photographer (and all her gear), as well as the interaction between the Jay’s mascot and the Jay’s pitcher.


f6.3 – 1/250 – 250mm – ISO 640

I liked this shot of the mascot and the honouree walking off the field. Guessing she had a good time:)


f6,3 – 1/250 – 250mm – ISO 640


For the rest of the shots I wanted to get a sense of the action of the game. I took many shots of the pitcher throwing the ball. Despite using multiple shot mode, it turns out that trying to capture a 90km/hr baseball was a matter of luck.


f6.3 – 1/250- 250mm – ISO 800

This shot occurred after the ball was hit. By having the shutter speed at 1/250, I was able to freeze the bat flying backward.


f6.3 – 1/250 – 250mm – ISO 720

This shot with a different player captured the ball coming in and the batter half way through his swing. I liked the blur on the ball and the bat showing the movement, but everything else in in focus.


f6.3 – 1/250- 250mm – ISO 720

I cropped way in on the pitcher for this one. I wanted to capture how much body movement occurs during a pitch.


F6.3 – 1/250- 250mm – ISO 800

For the final picture, I chose this one that showed the players waiting for the next play. The sense of readiness to respond came through clearly to me.


F6.3 – 1/250 – 250mm – ISO 1000

I will confess I only made it through the first 4 innings of the game, and we were 0-5 when I left (it only got worse after that). It was a great evening, and I was glad I got a chance to try out taking photos at this type of event.

Canada Day is on it’s way, and I suspect it will be the topic of the next post.

2 thoughts on “Blue Jays Baseball (Jays vs Yankees)

  1. Amazing shots! I never thought of bringing my dslr to a game before but you’ve changed my mind! It’s crazy how much detail you picked up on that one would have missed otherwise. My favorite pic is of the pitcher showing off the crazy flexibility.


  2. A little late on my commentary but …these are great especially on a subject that isn’t really your cup of tea.

    First, for being so far away, you really managed to capture some great actions shots.

    As to the first “group” shot, I disagree about moving them to the right, I think I like that it is slightly off center. The curvature of the sculpture creates an natural focus towards the middle, without having to frame it in the center.

    Given the portrait and the baseball theme you should title this “take me out of my comfort zone”

    Great work keep it up!!


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