Fleeing the City

For this week’s post, I ventured out of the city to celebrate a 60th birthday and hang out with my cruise buddies. For those of you who are saying “but you don’t look a day over 55”, you’re right, it wasn’t my birthday – and I’m 47 so thanks for that:) We spent a couple of lovely nights outside of Cobourg, and then I headed north of Parry Sound for a couple of days.

The joy of being away from the city is that the night sky is fully visible without the glare of the city lights. I went out on Monday for an hour becuase the night was amazing, but was eventually chased in because it was a wee bit chilly.

I was taking shots that had the camera open for 30 secs at a time which let a whole whack of light (a technical photography term) into the camera. What resulted, was an image we can’t even see with the human eye. While it’s completely out of focus, I’ve kept the picture below to show you the huge amount of stars that hang over our heads every night.


50mm – f1.8 – 30secs – ISO 800

The last time I posted a night picture from out of town, it was the Big Dipper. It made it’s triumphant return in this blog. I loved the fact it was sitting and framed just above the horizon.


18mm – f3.5 – 30secs – ISO 800

The shot above and this one below were taken about 20mins apart and face different directions. The change in the night sky was quite remarkable. Again we have the framing of the cottage to “hold up” the stars.


18mm – f3.5 – 30secs – ISO 800

There was a horse farm about a 25min walk away. My friend Alexis got to visit up close and personal with one of the residents. While I took a number of shots of them together, I wanted to use one where they were interacting with each other.


70mm – f6.3 – 1/4000 – ISO 800

The highlight of this trip was a combination of fall colours and the fall light. The light is much more golden this time of year and this really brings out the colour in the trees. We spotted this tree on our hike back from the horse farm.


24mm – f6.3 – 1/2500 – ISO 800

The light in the afternoons was practically edible. The reds on this bush were fantastic and I decided to get down on my knees so that the angle is pointing up a little more. It seem to give the bush a little more volume this way as it wasn’t very tall.


18mm – f4- 1/400 – ISO 100 – (exp comp -0.7)

This shot combined that lovely golden light with the contrast of a cloudy storm rolling in. I really like the deep shadows and the golden glow.


18mm – f4 – 1/250 – ISO 100 (exp comp -0.7)

With this shot I was trying to create a cozy warm corner (with the Friendly Giant moving furniture in place in my head). It didn’t quite work but I can attest that the chair was very comfy.


18mm – f4 – 1/6 – iso 800 (exp comp -1)

On our way to Parry Sound we stopped in a lavendar farm that had this awesome wood fence outside. I took a number of shots from various angles trying to capture this fence. I finally chose this one as it provides the shape of the fence. Your eye naturally enters the photo at the bottom left and then follows the fence around.


22mm – f5 – 1/500 – iso 200 (exp comp -1)

I also chose this other angle as I liked the way it acts as a dividing line between the green grass and the orange of the trees.


42mm – f5.6 – 1/800 – iso 200 (exp comp -1)

My friend DRW and her wife take in dogs that are in need in their area. These 3 are part of the 8 that make up their current pack:) To take this photo of them resting in front of the woodstove, I sat on the ground behind them. This way, I was on their level vs looking down on them from a standing position.


35mm – f5 – 1/30 – iso 5600

Finally, I tried to capture the weather outside their front window, especially since this was my first snowfall of the year. The challenge with photography rain or snow is that it is very hard to pick up on camera unless it’s very heavy(that’s why film sets use those big rain machines). To capture the snow, I decided to used the out of focus stained glass in the window to let you know  you were looking out somewhere.


50mm – f4 – 1/80 – iso 250

Well folks, that’s it for this time. Not sure what the next blog will contain… let’s be surprised together!

6 thoughts on “Fleeing the City

  1. Beautiful shots, I love the tree and that amazing fence but the most amazing was the sky where you hit all those “hidden” stars to show themselves.


  2. Who knew all those stars were up there! I really Ike the photo of Alexis with the horse . . . . It looked like a happy first meeting for both of them! And the night photo of the house with lights from the window and the stars above. And of course the pups. And the fence at the lavender farm. All amazing! Thanks for sharing these!


  3. You are so talented! The 7th picture with the clouds rolling in took my breath away….stunning.
    I love how you pointed out where the eye begins and follows in the fitst lavender farm fence snap….it’s so true, but I wouldn’t have realized it had you not noted it.
    I love the way you write….funny, charming and true….just like you. ♡


  4. Fantastic job. And to think people don’t believe in E.T.Life?! What would all those systems be there for?

    I love the use of the dried wood to create a fence around the property. Would definitely come in handy should a zombie apocalypse occur! Keep up the amazing photographs!


  5. WOW wow…with every picture I kept saying oh I like this one, then oh I like this one etc. etc…

    Not sure which is my favorite. If I had to choose it would be the wood fence, no the golden tree in a field, no the blue stars over the cottage…

    Good idea Mark about the fence for keeping the zombies out…I might have taken the same picture but made it black and white to emphasize the texture, but the colour is a bold contrast, so I really am on the fence(Pun intended). Either way I love it.

    Keep them coming!!


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