City Lights and the Moon

I was struggling to find a topic for this week’s post. I had gone out Thanksgiving weekend with an idea, but it didn’t pull together. Luckily the last week has been really warm, so I decided to hang out on our apartment balcony a couple of nights and try some night shots. It’s been awhile since I’ve tried these and I still need to work on my technique, but I’m happy with these phase 1 shots. I can’t wait to continue to improve on these.

The downtown city skyline is something I never get tired of and is one of the reason’s I moved into this building.


62mm – f11- 4secs – ISO400

After taking the above shot, I recomposed the picture so that the Danforth bridge was in the lower half. I liked how the darkness of the trees in between them served to isolate them from each other.


62mm – f11 – 1.3secs – ISO800


For the next couple of shots I wanted to play around with a slower shutter speed. That helps to indicate movement of light by smearing it all together. The trick is to find a shutter speed that’s not too long otherwise moving items disappear altogether! As well, a tripod is essential as the exposures end up being multiple seconds long and you can’t hold steady for that long.

Another shot of the Danforth bridge, this time with the white light trails of oncoming cars.


45mm – f11 – 4secs – ISO100


This shot captures a TTC streetcar moving through this gap in the buildings at Broadview and Danforth. The shot ended up a bit darker than I would have liked, I was trying to bring out the red of the streetcar.


140mm – f11 – 2.5secs – ISO200

Managed to capture traffic moving both ways past Bridgepoint on the Don Valley Parkway. My goal one day is to take some shots from that bridge across the highway.


140mm – f11 – 3secs – ISO100

Finally some moonshots. This one was handheld as the moon was rising. I would have loved to get the camera on a tripod, but the moon was moving way too fast and would have been high in the sky by the time I was ready.


100mm – f11 – 1/250 – ISO800 – expos comp -0.3

I actually don’t mind that this is not a full moon (way too cloudy the night of the full moon) as it has an interesting shape.


140mm – f11 – 1/20 – ISO400

I enjoy the different things you can do with low light photography and I look forward to trying some more. I’m heading out of town next week, so am hoping to get some night shots away from the lights of Toronto.

3 thoughts on “City Lights and the Moon

  1. Love the pics…I think CIBC paid you for that shot because it really pops. My favorite is the skyline with the Danforth bridge. Can’t wait to see the night shots!


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