Toronto Staycation

This past weekend I booked myself into a local hotel for the weekend for a little “tourist time”. As part of the weekend, my goal was to get some night time shots, but also take a bit of a photo walk around the area for a blog post. That walk happened on Saturday morning, between 930 and 1130. At 1130 I gave up because the temperature was 36 degrees and felt like 44 degrees… The other challenge of this morning from a photography perspective was the fact it was incredibly hazy and foggy, with the skies only briefly opening up as I was finishing. The picture at the top of the page was one of the last I took that day (25mm – f4.5 – 1/2000 – ISO 125).

With the skies so grey and hazy, I came across these flowers that just seemed to radiate color. I found a bench to sit on to get the angle a little lower.


74mm – f3.7 – 1/125 – ISO 125

Nearby, I also stumbled across some bees doing their bee thing. Folks may know that I am simply terrified of bees, but I had a task and the bees were very focused on their task. I got as close as I could (although I have since discovered I have a macro mode on the camera that I will be trying out a little later).


260mm – f4 – 1/500 – ISO 1600

Friend duck here was just hanging out in one of the marina areas. I’ve added this picture to talk about some of the benefits of post editing. One of the things I will do occasionally is edit out distractions. This duck had a big blob of duck poo right underneath him. By editing that out, it helps you focus just on the duck.


400mm – f4 – 1/800 – ISO 125

I came across this reflection that I wanted to try and capture. This was a moment where I wished I had my tripod with me as I would have been able to smooth out the water with a longer shutter time. Instead, it wasn’t too rough so you can still get a sense of it.


30mm – f3.5 – 1/1600 – ISO 125

I spent about 20 mins melting down by the water chasing gulls in flight. The fast shutter speed allowed me to freeze the motion of the bird flying. I also cropped the picture so that the bird had somewhere to fly into. If I didn’t have that it would feel like he was about to crash.


206mm – f4 – 1/1000 – ISO 125

One of only two night shots through the window of my hotel room. I just loved the colors around the skydome at night.


74mm – f3.7 – 1.6 sec – ISO 400

The next three shots are various versions of the CN Tower. It’s one of those iconic buildings that many people have taken pictures of the tower, so I was trying to do something different.

I happened to look up and saw an Edgewalk group heading around the outside of the tower. I loved the angle of the tower, and how small the people looked to the tip of the tower, which at that height looks tiny to the eye.


154mm – f5.6 – 1/1600 – ISO 125

I will confess, this picture happened because I couldn’t figure out how to get the camera to focus past the raindrops. However, I took the shot anyway, because I liked the look. The beauty of a familiar building, is that you don’t need to see it clearly to know what it is.


72mm – f3.7 – 1/1000 – ISO 125

This final shot was also serendipitous. I was taking pictures of the CBC building in the bottom left and happened to knock the camera to the right. That’s when I noticed the reflection of the tower in the building next to it.


25mm – f2.8 – 1.6 sec – ISO 400

So I had a really good time with this assignment type of weekend. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I’m still trying to figure out the camera I am currently using. In order to really figure it out, I’m going to need to just get out there and shoot. So with that, I’m challenging myself to go out with an assignment every two weeks and post in between. So see you in two weeks!!

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