Toronto Island June 2016

The return of the blog involved a trip back to Toronto Island with a new camera. So as well as dusting off my writing skills, I was taking out new camera out for its inaugural run. So I’ll be figuring out a new blog site and a new camera at the same time. My official reason for going was The Toronto International Dragonboat Festival as Bridgepoint had their team competing yet again this year. It was a glorious day and I had a great time wandering around Centre Island, enjoying the festival activities,  as well as catching the first of two races by the Bridgepoint Blazing Paddles!

Centre Island is always fun to walk around, especially because I arrived just before the ticket booths opened up and the place wasn’t crowded yet. The rides hadn’t really started which lent a slightly spooky atmosphere to the place. For example, from across a bridge I was convinced this bear was up to something!


As well, this shady little tree with it’s creepy face,  looked like it was reaching out its arms to grab someone.


I am always surprised by how acclimatised to people the birds of the island are. They swim right in or hang out close to the shore without budging despite the activity around them. These guys were right in the midst of the dragonboat races and tons of people (click pics to enlarge).

As I was sitting at a picnic table eating some food prior to Bridepoint’s first race, I was lucky enough to be in the perfect position for a small parade of dragons, the public, and photographers walking right at me. My hat is off to this photographer who  quickly got to a shooting position that no one else did (double points because I have an idea how much the gear she was carrying weighed).

Finally it was time for the race and Bridgepoint put on an amazing show. The chaos and energy of dragonboating never fails to amaze me. Here they are in lane 3 in the thick of the action.


It was a great day overall even if I did manage to get too much sun. I headed home feeling exhausted but happy at the same time.

Well this wraps up the first post and we’ll see how this goes. My next post is going to be going into the past to last year’s Supernatural convention.

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